Want to sponsor us, or host an event?

We are always looking for sponsors or companies to host our events. We generally hold our event on the last Thursday of each month, but we are flexible if you need to choose a different date.

Keep in mind if you are interested in hosting the event, it would be amazing if you could supply food (pizzas), beer and soda. To ensure we are not leaving out too many people our meetups are 20 members plus, so if you can't host more than 20 people it might be a bit hard for us to host there.

If you are hosting you get the 7:00-7:30pm slot to present, feel free to present about whatever you like as long it has to do with tech.

We are always on the lookout for companies to partner and sponsor us, if you'd like to get your logo on our homepage and a bunch of other benefits please let us know.

So if you are interested in either hosting or sponsoring, get in touch below.